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info are for phpwinbinder version but also valid for wxpython version.
for  history of porting from PHP to Python see FromPHP2Python.txt
please read also info for updated version (now version _2p) at the end of this notes.

WBsagra is solution for a menu for popular festivals realized for the U.S.D.Cogornese from Gianni Rossini ( s.a.s.) taking advantage of the semplicità and the elegance of Winbinder.

Free use as is.

To use it please take this in mind:
the file  portate.ini contain:
- the first 4 lines of heading for menu printing purpose
- 4 block of food's categories  where the voices [Primi] [Secondi] [Contorni] [Bevande]  are mandatory
- Inside of the blocks  can be present 0 or more (max 10 - from revison i) courses represented with description and price.

Use the present portate.ini file as template example.

The use in my intentions would have to be for dumb user ..... and I hope that it is therefore.

The menu is printed on default printer in A4 format.

The program creates  a file with name <aaaa-mm-gg.csv> (now one comma-delimited and one dotcomma-delimited) that contains total of courses and in the first line the total of the day and for restart (if some problem occurs) the same day.

Installation - unzip with folder flag on  in c: or d: or other unit to pleasure.

To run program:
launch the file.cmd <lancio_batch_sagra_cog_(version).cmd> if you want the window with the output of echo or the errors (!!).
launch the file .cmd <lancio_sagra_cog_(version).cmd> that it will open a window cmd that will disappear to the escape of the program.
(version can be V2e or other relase...) by a link on desktop to the cmd <lancio_sagra_cog_(version).cmd> flagging in the property to 'execute in window reduced to icon'.

If  is present a file named piede.bmp (I have put in zip file example piede_cog.bmp) it comes printed in the low part of the page (must be 1100x478).

for today, that's all folks.

Gianni - - se us at htt://

Update 2012 may version 2p
revised logic of override dialog functionality introduced in version 2o - Problem on some installation

Update 2012 may version 2o
added functionality to change only in printed output description of some item in bevande.
To active this functionality and set item overridable put * in description.
Now we can override attribut of similar item (example is acqua minerale that can be frizzante or natural).

Before this feature we had to insert two items (the number of bevande items is limited to 10) or we had to write by hand the attribut info on paper to remember the desired subtype of item (for acqua minerale, frizzante or naturale).
If one of marked item (*) is present in menu at print time, a dialog windows is activated where you can enter the choice.
The menu is printed after closing dialog windows whit overrided text.

Update 2011 july version 2n
Added functionality to add some item (example testaieu) that are counted as cash total but not printed in menu.
This feature can be used to give ticket for self service.  
To activate this special items add @ in front of description.

Update 2010 july version 2m (not yet implemented in wxsagra)
Added functionality to print menu omaggi, track omaggi in infoportate and added report piattiomaggi......csv
xxxxdotcomma.cvs now has decimal separation with  comma  instead of dot (italian format for number)

Update 2010 july version 2j
Added flag in portate.ini (the flag can exists or not) to let user remove data_ora info or progr_menu info from printed menu

debug=1          ( display on screen info about printer resolution ..)
menu_data_ora=1  ( print on menu data+ora insted of only data)
menu_progr=1     ( print  menu progr.)

Update 2009 july version 2i
Revised and tested limited number of course functionality. (now 10 in all food's categories)

Found Error in code (thanks to Marco Rossini)
there was an error in define in line
if(!defined('ID_CONTORNI_BT010')) define('ID_CONTORNI_BT010', 1378);
should be
if(!defined('ID_CONTORNI_BT010')) define('ID_CONTORNI_BT010', 1379);

numer 1378 already used in BT019

Update 2008 july verson 2h
Revised and tested limited number of course functionality.
Now you can change or insert ( ? xx  in relative line of file portate.ini) this info during session.

To make info active you must exit and reenter in the program - no data is loss !!!!

You can also have till 10 course in quadrant (frame) 'contorni and bevande' . This extend to 8 + 8 + 10 + 10 = 36 the courses the program can handle. (contorni and bevande pushbutton are stretched)
Side effect: if you select all course - total overlap  piede.bmp

In printed menu now there is a line with info about time and data
(someone want to commente out time) and menu number to manage priority.

When infoportate windows is present  - infoportate pushbutton is disabled.

Added second version of log file with name <aaaa-mm-gg_dotcomma.csv> for Excel_2003 compatibility (direct open with)

Update 2007 september - verson 2d
Present in zip file a version in test:  sagra_cog_v2d.phpw (launched by sagra_cog_v2d.cmd).
If you add in ini file after price a value (number of courses) separated by ? , the log (cvs file)  contains  the  residual courses as last field.
     Penne agli Scampi = 7.00 ?81  
     (today you can serve a max of 81 penne agli scampi)
     the corrispondent line of yyyy-mm-dd.cvs can be:
     Penne agli Scampi,7.00 ,1,7,80   ( delivered 1  - residual 80)

     No value after price (old ini) is intended as -1 or nolimit.
     Acciughe allo Scabecio = 5.00
     Acciughe allo Scabecio,5.00,2,10,-3  (delivered 2 but no limit )
You can use an auxiliary script -  portateinfo.phpw (launched by portateinfo.cmd) to display status, refreshed  every 10 sesconds, of courses delivered;
Removed checkbox (never used in code) and reported in front of every course the residual if the course is limited in number ( ?xxx in ini file);
Added also a field to manage cash change (simply put here the banknote you get in cash field  and have the rest).

A trick to remember field with focus  when the windows leaves focus.

Update 2007 september verson 2e
A in depht study about more than one windows active - you can see what I learned in line // lesson.
Now you can open a portate info windows (continuosly updated) with a pushbuton - close it - reopen - have it under main windows and close it.
Wbsagre run without problem in my test environment at the moment.

Update 2007-august - version2b
Headers to print  in section [intestazioni] of portate.ini  are not trimmed  so they can be centered  with space;

Adjusted vertical spaces in printout so an all-items menu (buon appetito) in not tuncated by piede.bmp;

Handled more portate (8 in every quadrant - 9 in bevande);

You can use label to describe group of dishes (se attached portate.ini) - the label description is displayed in screen group and printed in report;

In printed menu is reported  menu number and added a field for table info (to be compiled by waiter).



WBsagra est un progetto per un menu delle Sagre realizzato per la U.S.D.Cogornese da Gianni Rossini sfruttando la semplicità  e l'eleganza di Winbinder.

Utilizzo gratuito sempre che vi accontentiate ..  as is.

il file portate.ini contiene
- le prime 4 righe di intestazione che serviranno per la stampa del menu.
- 4 blocchi di portate dove le voci [Primi] [Secondi] [Contorni] [Bevande]
  sono obbligatorie.
- All'interno dei blocchi possono essere presenti 0 o più portate (max 10 da revision i) con descrizione e prezzo personalizzabili.

utilizzare come traccia il file portate.ini presente.

L'utilizzo nelle mie intenzioni dovrebbe essere a prova di ..... e spero che sia così.

La stampa avviene sulla stampante di default in formato A4.

per la quadratura della cassa viene creato un file csv con nome aaaa-mm-gg.csv che riporta i progressivi dei vari piatti e nella prima riga il totale del giorno.

Installazione - unzip con creazione delle dir in c: o d: o altra unità a piacere


Lancio del file cmd  <lancio_batch_sagra_cog.cmd> se si vuole che
appaia nella finestra gli output degli echo o gli errori (!!).
del file cmd  <lancio_sagra_cog.cmd> che aprirà una finestra cmd che sparirà all'uscita del programma.

con un collegamento (crea collegamneto) al cmd precedente (lancio_sagra_cog.cmd) con l'avvertenza di sceglire nelle proprietà: esegui in finestra ridotta a icona.  
Se è presente un file <piede.bmp> (ho messo un esempio piede_cog.bmp) esso viene stampato nella parte bassa della pagina (deve essere 1100x478).

per una descizione completa degli aggiornamenti vedi testo in inglese

Buon appetito.........

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